My Bass Rig

Yesterday I posted a diagram of my guitar rig. After a bit of minor tweaking last night, I finished the new configuration of my bass rig, which is shown below. Click the diagram for a larger view.

John Hendow - Live Bass RigIt incorporates many of the same components as the guitar setup, which is by design. This way I can actually leave the whole combined rig in a single rack and simply repatch when switching instruments. It will also allow for full-range amplification of instruments such as Chapman Stick. If I wind up doing more full-range work, I could add a crossover in the rack to appropriately split my signal between the guitar and bass cabinets.

The final touch on this rig would be the inclusion of intelligent routing for the signal path. This probably isn’t necessary at this point, but I’m considering it as a nerd project. My G-Force will do some great signal management, and it’s possible I could accomplish this routing without any additional hardware. And yes, it all still fits in my car!

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