How Did It Become 2018?

Well at some point I took a bit of a break from this blog. Weird. Chalk it up to being a very busy musician, tech nerd, and handy husband. I got rid of two guitars, bought one, finished two CDs, saw some good music, and played a ton of gigs. On the tech front, I’ve revamped the studio with a new computer / monitor, updated Logic Pro X, and incorporated Ableton Plus / Live. And at home, I’m continuing the remodel process; we should soon have completed the full-house makeover, and it will be time to celebrate! Ooh, I also upgraded the camera to a Canon 6D, and have a lot of pictures that I’ll share. In the meantime, at least I’m making an update 🙂 This blog looks like an ancient tomb, and needs a little sprucing up!

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