AxeFX Quantum Firmware

Axe-fx-ii-xlI recently updated the firmware in my Fractal Audio AxeFX to the latest version, called “Quantum”. New firmware releasesĀ are a regular occurrence with this system. When I first received my AxeFX, it came with version 13, and there were steady releases of new firmware every couple of months. We were up to fw19 this summer when the owner of Fractal Audio announced he’d made a huge breakthrough in the modeling technology, and would be releasing something called “Quantum fw v1” as the next big step for the system. I waited until I’d finished doing some shows before taking the plunge. I can say that without question, every one of the amp models is more realistic, livelier, and more responsive than ever before. I love my AxeFX. It’s easily the best equipment purchase I have ever made.

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