Like Falling Off A Log

Trek 7-2Last weekend, I finally bought a new bike. Back in the early 90s I wound up with a free Montlake Bike Shop mountain bike. It was a great mountain bike, but was probably 2″ too tall for me, and as much as I enjoyed riding it,  I always knew it was too big for my size.  A few years ago I sold it to a friend, and it’s a much better fit for him. Since that time, I’ve been without a bike. My wife also has a pretty old mountain bike, and we’ve been ready to get lighter weight hybrid-style bikes for some time.

After months of shopping and looking at options, we decided to go with Trek bikes. Mine is a 7.2 and hers is an upgraded 7.4 model. They’re amazingly lightweight and very comfortable. Our inaugural ride was about 16 miles in the Interurban / Green River trails, and we both really enjoyed our day. One of my immediate discoveries on this bike is that I really did use most of the 21 speeds at different points on the ride. Also, the lighter weight frame and hybrid tires make for much lower rolling resistance, and it’s easier to pick up / maintain speed than on my previous bike.

We purchased the bikes on Saturday, and left them to be outfitted with some additional accessories. On Sunday we picked them up and immediately hit the trail. This was also the first time we’ve made use of our hitch-mounted bike rack. It’s a Yakima Double Down 4 bike model. On the way to the Trek store, we stopped and picked up a friend who joined us for the ride. On the way home we had three bikes on the rack, and it’s clear there is ample room for a fourth.

Naturally, I bought a black bike. 🙂

We’re looking forward to a great summer of rides.

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