Thoughts on the 4/24 Dudley Manlove Quartet 20th Anniversary Show

johnTDOn Friday April 24, the Dudley Manlove Quartet performed at the Triple Door for our 20th Anniversary show. It was a great night of music with a sold-out audience sharing the fun event with us. For this show we invited founding drummer Jeff Mosier back to perform one last with us, and it made the evening all the more special to have him behind the kit. In addition to being an evening of “lasts”, it was also a night of firsts : at the age of 51 I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can’t read without my glasses! So rather than squinting down at the set lists, I just wore my glasses onstage. Seeing myself in the pictures from this show is pretty amusing… I look like a more dignified, bookish version of myself, with short hair. You’d almost think I was a respectable grown-up. Fortunately, all my friends and family know better.

During the week before this show I updated my AxeFX to the latest firmware, which really opened up some new sounds for me. Each firmware update unlocks more magic inside this device, and the amp / effect models always wind up sounding more alive and responsive. For most of the DMQ 20th Anniversary show I used the same ten patches, but there are some specialized settings for a few specific songs (e.g., “More Than This”) to recreate specific recorded tones.

For this show I brought along the Les Paul Gold Top, but I never got around to using it. The black strat continues to be my main guitar, and was really the perfect choice for every song in this show. I wanted to use the Les Paul for the second set, but didn’t get a chance to switch my wireless transmitter over to it during the short break. When we hit the stage to begin the second set, I realized I hadn’t done that, and decided to just finish the show with the strat, rather than interrupt the proceedings to make the switch onstage. So that beautiful guitar sat onstage on a stand and watched the action without being part of it. After the show, a friend (dressed as a penguin) helpfully carried that guitar to the car. So at least it had a ceremonially important night.






The set list was composed of songs that have been staples in the DMQ catalog for a long time:

Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
It’s Not Unusual
Silly Love Songs
Dancing Queen
Night Fever
You’ll Never Find (You’re Gonna Miss My Lovin’)
Sweet Caroline
Let’s Stay Together
I Wish
Suspicious Minds

(set 2)
Power of Love
Let’s Dance
Hit Me With Your Best Shot
More Than This
Melt With You
Little Red Corvette
Take On Me
Video Killed the Radio Star
American Girl

Don’t Stop Believin’
Don’t You Forget About Me

A few days after the show we discovered that a reviewer from the Huffington Post had been in the audience, and they posted a nice review online:

Nothing like being called “middle aged” by the national press :). It was a blast to see that the night was enjoyed by so many people.

At the end of the night, there was a nice backstage toast to our good friend Jeff, and we celebrated all the great fun that we’ve had together over the years. DMQ will move forward with a new drummer, and of course, I’ll still be working with Jeff in BowieVision, our David Bowie tribute band. BowieVision is performing on Saturday May 30 at The Triple Door, and you should definitely come see us. It’s the perfect room for the spectacle of our video and light show.

On to the next!

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