Thoughts on the 10/26 Dudley Manlove Quartet Performance

On Saturday 10/26 the Dudley Manlove Quartet performed at the Sunset Tavern for our annual Halloween Ball. As customary, we performed a tribute to a well-known band as part of the show. This year’s tribute band was Journey. I have always enjoyed Neal Schon’s playing and it required substantial effort to transcribe his solos. For the first set I decided to use my Gibson Les Paul with P90 pickups. This produced a very accurate representation of the tonal signature in the songs. During rehearsals I had been using the Wampler Sovereign plus my Boogie Lonestar to emulate the rock tone, but during final tech prep I dialed in a much more accurate patch on the Line6 M9, using a clean setting on the Lonestar. I’ll say it again: the Line6 M9 is the nerve center of my pedalboard.

For the second set I switched back to the trusty black stratocaster. The one major regret I had during this show was toward the end of the second set when I decided to remove my in-ear monitors and go with the stage mix… argh! It was great to hear my amp in such a direct manner but the overall sound on stage was pretty muddy and my vocals were lost. Chalk that one up to a lesson learned.

The night was very satisfying. I was delighted to see so many friends and fellow musicians at the show. My bandmates from “The Preons” made an appearance, and I haven’t seen them in far too long. Overall, a great show and one that makes me proud of how tight the band plays this wide variety of music. Definitely looking forward to our next show!

Set List

Stone In Love
Any Way You Want It
Open Arms
Oh Sherrie
Separate Ways
Don’t Stop Believin’
Werewolves Of London
Evil Woman
It’s Not Unusual
Right Back Where We Started From
My Life
Sweet Caroline
I Wish
Suspicious Minds

Let’s Go
China Girl
Let’s Dance
Power Of Love
The Promise
Call Me
American Girl
Little Red Corvette
Final Countdown
Melt With You
Video Killed The Radio Star
Take On Me

Don’t You Forget About Me

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