Dudley Manlove Quartet : 10/26 Halloween Spectacular

The Dudley Manlove Quartet’s Halloween Revelation
Sunset Tavern
5433 Ballard Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98107
Saturday, Oct. 26 9PM
$12 advance/$15 DOS

Advance tickets available at http://www.strangertickets.com/events/8216548/dudley-manlove-quartet-halloween

DMQ welcomes you with open arms to escape aboard the wheel in the sky for a Halloween journey to new musical frontiers. We’ll trace the evolution of one of rock’s most beloved bands as we faithfully recreate their greatest hits. Who’s cryin’ now? You, if you don’t get your advance tickets!*

*As always, we apologize for the abundance of bad puns in the preceding message.

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