The World’s Foremost Five-Member Quartet

The World's Foremost Five-Member Quartet
The Dudley Manlove Quartet is preparing for a few very nice public shows this year. We’ll be playing at the Tractor Tavern on Saturday 5/26 for our annual 80s extravaganza, and we’re also booked for New Year’s Eve at the Triple Door. More shows are coming soon!

Thoughts On The 3/10 Dudley Manlove Quartet Performance

On Saturday 3/10 The Dudley Manlove Quartet performed at the Triple Door in Seattle. The band usually performs at the Triple Door at least one per year. This particular show was a celebration of our 17th anniversary as a band. The show was sold out weeks in advance, and we really had  strong sense of ...

Thoughts On The 3/15 1 Uppers Performance

Thoughts On The 3/15 1 Uppers Performance
On Thursday March 15 the 1 Uppers kicked off our “Third Thursday Twang Royale” at the Royale Room in Columbia City. This will be a recurring monthly event in which we will host a night of great country music with special guests joining us for the middle set. For this first occurrence our special guests ...

Practice and Performance

Over the past few months I’ve been practicing fairly intensely for 1 Uppers and Dudley Manlove Quartet performances. Both bands hold regular practices together (more so with the 1 Uppers) but I’ve also been putting in a lot of time on my own, memorizing material and working to improve the accuracy of my execution. I ...