Preons Rehearsal 11/27/2007 3

Last night was an especially solid rehearsal with the Preons. I think we’re hitting our stride as a band, and everyone is playing very solidly. We spent some time rehearsing with a metronome, which is always a challenge. I always recommend metronome studies to my students to help them play with metric precision. Great musicians ...

80s Invasion – Learning New Songs 2

This week I’ll be prepping another round of new songs for 80s Invasion. I need to finish programming tones and “put the eyebrows on*” some of the guitar parts. These songs will be performed on New Year’s Eve in Portland, but we’ve also added two Seattle shows (12/15 at the CHAC and 1/9 at the ...

The Bass Gods Smileth 1

The Bass Gods Smileth
I don’t know what I did to appease the bass gods. It might be the practicing I’ve been doing, or maybe just my recent whining about the desperate need for a better amp. Either way, good fortune has visited upon me and I’m mightily pleased. Last night I purchased an Ashdown half-stack consisting of a MAG300R ...

Thoughts On The Preons Gig 11/10

We played last night at The Sunset Tavern in Ballard, which is a particularly enjoyable venue. The bar is operated by musicians who are supportive of the local scene and of touring bands. Our set was good… I think it was our best gig yet. The house sound operator put a mic on my bass ...

Empathy. Fear. Inactivity. 1

Last night on the way home from band practice, I drove along East Michigan street on my way to Hwy 509. On the sidewalk to my right, I saw a fellow human in obvious distress. I’d guess he was in his 40s. Wearing tattered sweatpants and a t-shirt. Shoeless. Dirty. Disheveled. Dragging four plastic bags. ...

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
Well, we’ve done the appliance upgrade and new we’re getting into the core of the kitchen project. There are three major projects that are all inter-related.

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades
This weekend I took inventory of my often-used computer software to determine which titles were most in need of updates. As a general policy I don’t go for every major update; there usually aren’t enough new features to warrant the upgrade. At this point, I’m two full versions behind on many software titles.

The Windows Sales Pitch Strikes Again! 1

The Windows Sales Pitch Strikes Again!
As I described in an earlier article,we we recently had an experience with a window company who attempted to pressure us into the purchase of their product during a four hour in-home demonstration. Mind you, when I set up the appointment with the company, they assured me this entire sales presentation would take between 60 and 90 ...